Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kraft Dinner of the week: Mac and Cheese Pizza

Macaroni & Cheese Pizza

Yes, you did read that right, now take a deep breath and release, then look at the picture from 1 Fine Cookie showing her take on this odd combination food.

Tell me you do not want to eat that.  I feel my waist expand just looking at it.  It is almost at 'deep-fried mars bar' level... which means it is probably delicious too.  Obviously you should check out the link and see how she adds truffle oil to the pizza and is claiming to have one of the best pizza dough recipes. This pizza could be a creativity gold mine if you are willing to experiment with toppings.

Glow*in*the*dark Drinks

I couldn't resist the simplicity, yet over-all effect of this idea, so I hope you enjoy this too.  This may make our Halloween zombies even more awesome than before.  (Zombies the alcoholic drink, if you were wondering how drinking cups went with that...)  Also great for the kids, with non-alcoholic beverages... I wonder how many people will be clicking this just wondering how it could be tagged as both boozed up and kiddie stuff...

Gummie Bear Ghosts

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of all, and that is why even though I have been too busy to update here as often as I would like to, I could not resist posting a link to this cute little recipe item for your enjoyment.

Not only are they chocolate covered gummie bears, but they can also be on a stick :) I love food on a stick.  I actually have the cookbook entitled 'on a stick', ... well enough about me, if I can not manage to post something before Monday then I wish you a happy Halloween.