Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Links of note

Looking for some interesting ideas for the holidays that are impending upon us?  I spend a lot of time eying up other sites for my food pron fix...  and here are a few of the sites I have found that have me craving time to make them... and also crave a reversal in food roles where junk food helps you loose weight... but now I am just wishing.

The Jelly Shot Test Kitchen has some amazing recipes for more 'classy' alcoholic jigglers.  Ever thought of having a tray of beautiful jelly cosmos instead of wine glasses to serve to people?  Maybe you should. 

Over at Annie's Eats they have a good tutorial to show you how to decorate with royal icing if you are planning on making the infamous sugar cookies this Christmas.

More resources and amazing stuff can be found at University of Cookie too, on the cookie topic, while I am still on it.

Search & Win

Let us not forget to make life easier on our selves by getting free gift cards to Starbucks, like I do (Over 5 free $10 cards, I lost count :)  or Amazon cards to buy some of the presents.  You could gift the cards themselves, there are lots to pick from, or get some of the swag directly from them if you are in the states.  Believe me, it isn't hard to look up my food obsessions in Swagbucks instead of other search engines, and when I feel like 'googling' I just look it up in swagbucks ;)

Anyways, there is tonnes more I could write, but I need sleep more right now, so for the moment, happy holidays!

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