Monday, January 17, 2011

Couponing thoughts

Have you ever seen that show, Extreme Couponing?  I have... and knowing I am here in Canada saddened me a little.  I love Canada, but the thing is, we have limits to our coupons now that make it so you can't do the same things those people did, like get food for free or even get some money back.  I can remember things like that happening when I was a child, but now every coupon is a 'one per use, can not be doubled, do not use with other offers' kind of coupon... making it hard to get the same kind of deals.

Sure, coupons are still worth it if you find ones for stuff you need already, so with that, I will post a link to an article telling how to best make use of Canadian coupons.  There are plenty of great tips, and the whole site is great for finding freebies, great coupons and deals.  Great food doesn't have to mean that you have to spend a mint to get it.  Sometimes being frugal and ingenuous can get you just as much for less.

Extreme Canadian Couponing

Canada Free Stuff

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