Monday, May 9, 2011

It's been a while...

Well, let us not dwell on the fact I haven't had any time to post here in quite a while, and move right on to the food related stuffs... okay?  Lately I have been hearing a lot of bad things about food colouring.  I hear that red and yellow have toxins in them, that they are all chemicals that have health effects, and even of a study showing a link between ADHD (which I have by the way) and artificial food colourings... it leaves a person wanting to find an alternative. 

I already know the basics of some of the natural food colourings, like spinach for green, beets for purple, turmeric for yellow... but the one that I knew I can't live without is the one that was harder to find.  Blue.  Fear not, because I found a link to a recipe for natural blue food colouring, and it turns out I had an idea what it was too.  I once heard of dying yarns with red cabbage to get a beautiful shade of blue, but I thought it was only achieved by adding alum powder, which didn't sound tasty at all.  This recipe doesn't contain anything nasty, so I hope to give it a try and maybe save my child from food colouring related illness... at least at home.

How to Make Blue Food Coloring


 here is also a link to wikipedia on the subject of natural dyes that may be helpful / interesting

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