Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coffee*Love : changing up the same old brew

Coffee.  Many of us love it.  I will take some time to rant and rave about my new grind and brew coffee maker in some other post, after I have got the hang of the programming thing... I don't care to elaborate in this post.  However, I do care to share some wonderful ideas I have found in my online recipe collecting fashion, as I have now just lost every link I had when my hard drive decided to bite the dust a week ago.  I guess I have an excuse now to search more recipes and earn more swagbucks towards my next free Starbucks cards.  Life goes on.

Tips on brewing the best coffee:

I worked at a Timmies for just over five and a half years, did all the training in every position except for management (I was a supervisor though, yay me :) so I feel I have sufficient knowledge in the coffee department.  I also have much drinking experience from the many coffee facilities in and around my fine city.
For the best coffee you need :

1. the best water you can get.  If you drink only filtered water because of the taste, then use tap water for coffee hoping a magic cure for that taste exists in the coffee, I am afraid you are wrong.  Coffee is 98% water, so if you don't like the taste of the water, your coffee will not be the best either.

2.  fresh coffee.  At Timmies they use the opened grinds immediately and throw the coffee every 20 minutes (in theory... there are always a few bad apples)  I am not saying you need to do that, but having the freshest ground coffee, kept in air-tight conditions, away from moisture, NOT in the freezer, (though if you absolutely must, you should divide it into coffee pot sized portions so that it doesn't go back and forth from freezer to counter, it causes the coffee to coagulate the oils that make it so pretty.)  and coffee starts to fade from its best after about two weeks, so try and buy what you need and not the costco bulk bag (unless you go through it, I do love costco... just costco efficiently)

3.  Preheat your cups and carafe.  To save you a google if you don't know what a carafe is, its the coffee pot.  just fill them with hot water before brewing and discard the water, and if your coffee maker has a cup warmer, all the better, but if not, the cups can get a hot water bath too, or steam from a steam nozzle.  This keeps the coffee hot longer, and helps the aroma develop. 

Now here is a link to some 'new tricks for your coffee'.  It's the little things like adding a cinnamon stick to your grounds or re-thinking your sweetening.


 As always, I could go on about coffee forever, but it is getting late, so this will be all for now.

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