Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drool Fodder: Ultimate Pumpkin Waffles

I will start by saying I need a waffle iron.  I want this recipe, want it badly.  I am thinking about getting the waffle iron just for this recipe alone, plus for all you people looking for a good father's day breakfast idea, I think this recipe will do, and maybe put candied bacon on top.  I have that recipe in a magazine, I will post it soon.  I don't eat bacon, but my mega-carnivore husband will probably love it to death.

Anyways, back to the drool worthy recipe at hand...   found at this webpage:
(they actually have pumpkin waffles in the webpage name lol, this person is really really serious about these waffles) 

This website is so devoted I am not even going to attempt to write the recipe on my page.  You will have to see for yourself, especially because the directions are fairly detailed and the pictures are very food-pretty.  I recommend at least drooling over this recipe for a few minutes before moving on to your bland frozen waffle substitutes.

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